Ernest - 'Exhausted'

Danish outfit take their cues from Tame Impala with this sweeping and psychedelic new jam

Benji Moon - 'No More Cowboys'

US frontman takes influence from Tame Impala with this bright and sweeping psych-pop delight

Sean Christopher - 'Oheja'

Bristol-based singer-songwriter previews his next album with this warm and wistful acoustic-led swoon

Nightcars - 'Disappear'

Spanish outfit pay homage to the 80s power-pop sound with this bold and driven new single

Liimo - 'Old School'

Edinburgh-based outfit blend an RnB influence to their usual indie-pop sound, with nods to The 1975

Hazlett - 'Monsters'

Australian frontman brings the same euphoric aesthetic as Ben Howard on this uplifting new release

Haha Charade - 'Seasons'

US outfit bring the same light and airy vibe as Bombay Bicycle Club to their latest indie-pop delight

FERGUS - 'Not Enough' (Acoustic)

British frontman strips back his latest single to unveil this blissful and lofty acoustic-led serenade

Dog Basketball - 'Ice Machine'

US frontman follows in the footsteps of Ariel Pink with this bouncing bedroom-pop gem

Jane's Party - 'I Want It Bad'

Canadian outfit get us in the festive spirit with this bright and uplifting indie-pop release

Justin Nelson - 'Seasons'

US frontman takes his cues from The National with this rich and atmospheric new single

Liion Gamble - 'Want It' ft. Evan Dupri

US rapper takes influence from Anderson .Paak with this warped and hypnotic hip-hop groove

Sachiel - 'Roulette Wheel'

Australian outfit unleash the same frenzied energy as Sløtface for this thunderous pop-punk stomper

Nova Hall - 'Collateral'

Berlin-based frontwoman brings the same post-punk influences as The Ninth Wave for this sweeping new single

Polly Preacher - 'Blood On The Moon'

British frontwoman showcases her latest EP with this bright and lofty indie-rock jam, with shades of The Big Moon

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