Mini Trees - 'Dust'

US frontwoman previews her forthcoming EP with this wistful Snail Mail-inspired groove

Niine - 'Call Me Your Boo'

Australian frontwoman mixes funk grooves with a jazz aesthetic on this bluesy new release

Jamws - 'Last Online'

South London-based producer takes influence from Toro Y Moi for this expressive electro-pop delight

Kev Minney - 'God Is An Algorithm'

British singer-songwriter serenades us with this soft and uplifting Damien Rice-inspired swoon

Elenne - 'Abacus'

German producer takes his cues from Bonobo for this warped and glitchy electronic thumper

Shredz - 'Harder'

Norwegian outfit bring the energy on this fresh and upbeat indie-pop belter

Catalyst CT - 'It's Like Fire'

Australian outfit crack out some killer riffs for this thunderous and energetic pop-punk stomper

Vagabond Specter - 'Not My War'

Ukrainian outfit preview their second album with this pulsing, Interpol-inspired romp

Jodie Abacus - 'Rescue Me'

London-based frontman keeps our toes tapping with this light and upbeat pop-rock delight

Phildel - 'Oh Love'

British frontwoman previews her next album with this haunting yet euphoric dark-pop gem

Cable Ties - 'Choking To Choose'

Australian outfit follow in the footsteps of Sonic Youth with this bold and energetic alt-rock banger

Holy Magick - 'Even Though'

British outfit preview their debut album with this dark and brooding indie-rock swoon

Bloom - 'Escape'

Brighton-based outfit take influence from the chiptune sound for this fun and uplifting electro-pop belter

Winona Oak - 'He Don't Love Me'

Swedish frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Sia with this euphoric electro-pop delight

Moonlight Breakfast - 'Summer'

Romanian outfit get us ready for the summer sun with this bright and fresh indie-pop groove

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