Saint Mesa - 'Burial Grounds'

Chilean-American producer brings some anthemic drums to his latest alt-pop belter

Rascalton - 'Places We Go'

British outfit take influence from The Clash with this thunderous punk belter

DonCat - 'Automatic Teller' ft. Bobby Renz

US producer brings the same woozy feel as Thundercat to his latest groove-filled psych-pop jam

Soft Shelter - 'Sunsets And Regrets'

US frontman shares a wonderfully smooth and dreamy lo-fi offering, with hints of Real Estate

Mourn - 'This Feeling Is Disgusting'

Spanish outfit take their cues from Bully with this brash and energetic garage-rock stomper

Celeste - 'Little Runaway'

British frontwoman returns with more of that stellar soul sound on her latest single

Francis On My Mind - 'Summer'

Romanian frontwoman keeps us dreaming of summer with this bright and glossy alt-pop gem

LLusion - 'Sad4Good' ft. Cautious Clay & HXNS

US producer keeps the vibes high on this bold and upbeat psych-pop groove, with hints of Toro Y Moi

Dead Wicks - 'Drift'

US outfit take their cues from Glass Animals with this smooth and psychedelic new offering

Dance Yourself Clean - 'Something's Changed'

US outfit bring the same bouncing flow as Franz Ferdinand to their latest pop-rock bop

SWIMM - 'Feel Better'

US outfit channel the blissful flow of Bright Eyes for this sweeping indie-rock groove

Daulton Hopkins - 'I'm Okay And So Are You'

US frontman takes his cues from The War On Drugs with this breezy new release

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