Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - 'Black Star Dancing'


When Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds released their third studio album 'Who Built The Moon?', it was seen as a watershed moment for the group. While their previous releases had been criticised as simple continuations of the Oasis sound, this latest full-length saw them really come into their own and deliver something far different from what we were expecting. And that same principle can be said as they now unveil the new EP 'Black Star Dancing', a diverse and experimental collection that sees Noel Gallagher venture into new territory once again.

The most notable aspect of this new collection is the record's title-track and opener 'Black Star Dancing', which sees the frontman tackle the seldom seen influence of disco. And while the thought of it may seem jarring at first, the subtle simplicity of its sound is what makes this such an attractive listen to begin with. From there, the other singles 'Rattling Rose' and 'Sail On' draw back into his comfort zone a little more, but it is clear that the frontman is looking to take his sound into new and interesting directions once again, which will prove ever more exciting when we get to hear their next studio album.

'Black Star Dancing' seems to be a glimmer into the state of flux Noel Gallagher is currently living in right now. Trying to find that happy middle ground between his more traditional style and something completely off the wall in order to pique his own interests. An eclectic and interesting listen, one that many of his fans will be divided on.

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