Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - 'Chasing Yesterday'


As once again the rumour mill about a Oasis reunion begins to gather steam amongst this year's festival announcements, outspoken songwriter Noel Gallagher is looking to cement his commitment to his new project High Flying Birds with another studio album. Five years since the new band's debut, 'Chasing Yesterday' seems to show a group that have managed to forge a much more engaging sound and looks to put the image of an Oasis side-project behind them.

From the off, 'Chasing Yesterday' seems like a far more progressive piece of work we have seen from Gallagher since his last effort. Rather than fall back on his own tried and tested approach to songwriting, this new material seems to have unleashed a more explorative angle in his composition and the result is varied and diverse indie rock album that could have been created by anyone twenty years his junior. It has an extremely contemporary sound that fits nicely around his own influences and experiences, and creates an immensely enjoyable listen in the process.

While it will most definitely be lapped up by the millions of Oasis fans out there, this record would actually appeal much better with a younger audience than anything else. It seems like Noel Gallagher has ripped up his own rulebook and is now looking to make this legacy his own.

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