Oh Wonder - 'No One Else Can Wear Your Crown'


For bands in a similar guise as Oh Wonder, there is always that danger that your calm and wistful electro-pop may begin to wear thin after a while. We have seen a number of acts in this lane deliver bold and enticing compositions that over time have begun to feel tired and lacklustre with every new release. But for the London-based duo, both of their previous records have managed to offer something fresh and engaging throughout, and this trend thankfully makes its way onto the pair's third LP 'No One Else Can Wear Your Crown', a release that continues to toe the line of their impressive aesthetic.

The great thing about Oh Wonder is that they never quite look to grab your attention with loud and abrupt moments, but instead let their smooth and dreamy dynamic wash over you and leave you to bask in their wonderfully spritely energy. Yet despite never looking to evolve or adapt their direction in any way over the years, the band have still managed to find plenty of inspiration on their latest full-length. With its crisp and usually minimal production, 'No One Else Can Wear Your Crown' sees them return with a fine form that falters ever so rarely.

It is always nice to hear a band that have such an effortless approach to the music that they make. Oh Wonder have always been consistent in their output, and after three albums not much has changed. They are continuing to create something new and exciting within their sound and it is hard not to get swept up in it.

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