Oh Wonder - 'Ultralife'


After the release of their self-titled and self-released debut album back in 2014, Oh Wonder have seen themselves go from a modest DIY outfit to a fully-fledged future-pop juggernaut. Their first release managed to peak with the UK's top 40 album charts, landing them not only a record deal with Island but also seeing their fanbase grow tenfold. Now the pair return with their second album 'Ultralife', and record that sees them embrace their new place in the industry.

While their debut mixed jazz and soul all within a pop dynamic, 'Ultralife' is most certainly the duo's more commercial release. With a glossy production and upbeat songwriting, this new release shows off the sheer dexterity they have when it comes to composing new music. The album aims to create this bold and exciting feel throughout each track, whether they be the larger sounding songs or not, giving us a record that always maintains a positive tone and succinct pace.

In all, 'Ultralife' is the beginning of what we can expect from the band going forward. They may have left their DIY kudos behind, but what remains of their healthy worth ethic has been focused solely on their material, delivering us another cracking record.

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