Passenger - 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'


Having been one of the most prolific musicians working in the UK, now with eight albums in the last eight years, frontman Michael Rosenberg aka Passenger has found himself delivering his most anticipated record to date. His last full-length 'Young As The Morning Out As The Sea' become his first release to reach the number one spot in the UK album charts, meaning that although he only released that record 10 months ago, it is already a hell of a landmark to better.

Although Passenger has always had a mark of quality about it, he has always looked to produce very elegant but simple songs. Which is probably why he opens the album with the track 'Simple Song', an ode to his own self-aware attitude towards songwriting. Although he has clearly found a niche within his basic rhythms, as they seem to swim along pretty inoffensively, just filling the time between the album starting and its end.

The record doesn't seem like a waste of time, but it is just so unremarkably bland, it is hard for it to not fall between the cracks of everyday background noise. A collection of uneventful compositions that just seem quite happy plodding along without anyone taking notice.

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