Peter Bjorn And John - 'EPBJ'


After returning to release their brilliantly confident eighth studio album 'Darker Days' last year, Swedish trio Peter Bjorn And John have been riding a wave of rejuvenation ever since. With rave reviews surrounding their latest LP, the band have looked to capitalise on their current form by sharing a new EP dubbed 'EPBJ', a three-track release that looks to showcase a softer and more introspective side to the band.

Much like 'Darker Days', 'EPBJ' is filled with a positive and uplifting tone, all wrapped together with a diverse and progressive production. Opening up with the delightfully pop focused 'Bones', the general concept of this new collection is to add a more wistful intent to the trio's more familiar electro-pop direction. Bringing together a mixture of their uniquely harmonious vocals over a bed of minimal instrumentation that swells and broadens as it plays, each single is aimed at highlighting the band's confidence in songwriting by stripping away much of the fanfare, leaving behind a raw and intimate selection of uplifting intentions.

Fans of their last full-length will find this a wonderful companion release, as Peter Bjorn And John round off the last 12 months with a powerful and moving collection of ideas. The group have clearly tapped into a vein of expressive creativity of late, so let's just hope that they can keep themselves as fresh as this into the future.

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