Primal Scream - 'Chaosmosis'


The legacy of Primal Scream has got to be one of the most eclectic in music's history. In the band's lifetime, we have seen them release psychedelic albums, country albums, electro albums, rock albums and experimental works of insane delight. So when a new record comes around, your first thought is going to be "what have they done this time?" Essentially, they have dabbled in a bit of everything, making 'Chaosmosis' their most diverse release to date.

Starting with the spun-out, Screamadelica-hooked 'Trippin' On Your Love', the rest of the album can't seem to make its mind up where to go next. At points its an electro-pop record and others a leftfield indie release, making it very hard to get your head around. It flip-flops so quickly you are almost spun out by the drastic change in direction and ultimately left feeling a little underwhelmed by the end.

While it does have its moments, 'Choasmosis' is almost exactly what its title says. A vibrant yet muddled mess of a release that struggles to find its feet at any point. While hardcore fans of the band can reminisce in its nods to the group's back catalogue, as an album it fails to fully cut the mustard.

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