It had been held up for months but earlier this week, we finally got to hear Prince's collaborative album with all-girl group 3RDEYEGIRL 'PLECTRUMELECTRUM'. While this was supposedly going to be his grand return to recorded music, it was slightly overshadowed with the announcement of Prince releasing a new solo album on the same date. But while that record was more of a disappointment than a glorious return, this new record seems to be what fans of the purple one would have rather seen.

'PLECTRUMELECTRUM' is, for the most part, a pure rock album. While Prince always likes to mix genres up and play around with influences, this new release has a clear and focused direction, which actually makes it a very enjoyable listen. Prince doesn't always take the microphone either, making this album feel more like an ensemble of musicians that not only gel incredibly well but keep their sound reigned in and ever moving forward.

It is certainly one of the better albums we have heard from Prince in a while, and most of that can be credited to 3RDEYEGIRL. The three extra writing partners have helped give this record a clear sound that Prince can add his own take to without it deviating too far.

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