Sigrid - 'Sucker Punch'


Since first emerging at the start of 2017 with her stunning debut EP 'Don't Kill My Vibe', Sigrid has sat as one of the new saviours of modern pop music. The Norwegian frontwoman has spent the last two years releasing a flurry of brilliant and uplifting singles, that see her as a far more engaging and captivating singer than most in her ilk. Yet after so much buzz these last couple of years, she now unveils her long-awaited debut album 'Sucker Punch', a record that brings together the best of her career so far and cements her as the pop scene's most impassioned newcomer.

While some of this release has been heard before with singles such as 'Don't Kill My Vibe' and 'Strangers' previously appearing on her first EP, the bulk of this collection looks to call back to the high energy of those earlier days and deliver an album that punches even higher than we thought possible. Opening up with the truly anthemic title-track, the record rarely lets up on its progressive pace and unleashes one bold and vibrant pop vision after another. And although it does have its more sombre moments, they never lack that magical Sigrid energy which helps breathe life into each one of her releases.

This release has certainly been a long time coming, and fans of her work will be more than excited to get their teeth into this new collection. 'Sucker Punch' sits as one of the more accessible pop debuts of the year so far, but still manages to showcase her unique aesthetic and passion for thunderous songwriting, making it more than just another radio-friendly full-length.

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