sir Was - 'Digging A Tunnel'


Following a string of brilliantly executed singles in the lead up to this release, sir Was has already proven himself as a musician that is hard to define. The concoction of influences within his music ranges from traditional funk and soul, all the way through trip-hop and electronica, giving us a very energetic release which also manages to make moments of serenity and bliss appropriately.

Yet despite having such a broad sound on the surface, the producer is still able to reign in those inspirations in order to create a very succinct record. Conceiving an ebb and flow throughout the release, 'Digging A Tunnel' is able to take an experimental approach and make it engaging for the listener. Resulting in an album that has all the hallmarks of a brilliantly creative musical mind.

And while not all of the tracks on this release have the same impact as say 'In The Midst' or 'Revoke', it still proves to be a throughly enjoyable listen. Proof that while sir Was has only just begun to work in an album format, he is still able to create such a vivid collection of work.

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