The Soft Cavalry - 'The Soft Cavalry'


Since her formative band Slowdive made a full comeback with their long-awaited new self-titled album back in 2017, Rachel Goswell has been a busy old bee. Whether she is making her additional mark with supergroups like Minor Victories or lending her wonderful vocals to American Football records, it seems like she can't stop her creative mind from exploring. But with her latest project, The Soft Cavalry, it seems that she has taken more of a backseat role to allow her husband Steve Clarke to hold the reins on this new venture as the pair look to deliver a whimsical and hazy addition to the ethereal psych-pop scene.

Although its not fair to say that this is Clarke's first pursuit into the music industry as he has been a part of small and cult outfits since the 90s, but with his voice taking centre stage on this new release, we are getting to hear his presence completely envelop this new collection. Married musicians usually always have a clear advantage when starting something new as their is already that chemistry that flows between them, and The Soft Cavalry is no different as the pair swoon and meander their way through this broad and expansive debut LP, creating a wonderfully blissful and beautiful ambience throughout.

Goswell's approach to production seems to have this adventurous and yet minimal approach to it, making 'The Soft Cavalry' a warm and inviting collection that never sounds too busy. The duo's tranquil and focused style remains constant on this new full-length and makes for a throughly enjoyable listen.

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