Spoek Mathambo - 'Mzansi Beat Code'


Since first releasing his landmark debut album 'Mshini Warm' back in 2010, South African producer Spoek Mathambo has always maintained a clear and concise direction. His attitude towards a strong African influence over a contemporary Western dynamic has always served him well, both in his homeland and abroad. And now as he returns with his fifth full-length in just seven years, this prolific producer has given one of his most enjoyable releases to date.

From the start, 'Mzansi Beat Code' has nothing but the core intention of making you dance. With the catchy riffs running rampant throughout opener 'Want Ur Love', to the galloping house beat of 'Black Rose', this album seems to holler back to the diverse and eclectic nature of other electronic producers like The Chemical Brothers and Groove Armada. Yet his clear afro-beat inspirations still hold themselves as the backbone to this release, giving it a very natural flow and pace.

Despite its almost hour-long length, 'Mzansi Beat Code' is such an interesting and engaging release, you'll find it difficult to notice the time that passes when it plays. Each track is a masterful wealth of superb production and should no doubt go down as one of the best records of the year so far.

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