Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: What can we expect from Liam Gallagher's solo career?

Earlier last week, a planned solo album from Liam Gallagher was leaked and people got to hear what the frontman had been working on for the first time in years. And while the live debut of his new material was under a more unfortunate set of circumstances as he performed at the remembrance service for the terrorist attack in Manchester earlier this month, his new solo career looks to be an interesting step in his career, given that he previously stated that people that go solo are "idiots". So what exactly can we to expect from his return to the stage?

Well for a start, you aren't going to be able to stop hearing it. Even long before we had heard that an album was on the way, Gallagher was signed up to play at almost every major festival in Europe this year. With sets confirmed at Rock Im Ring, Exit Festival and even a main stage slot at Reading & Leeds, you probably are going to be sick of seeing his face by the end of the year. But as far as the music goes, will he be able to shake what people really want; which is of course an Oasis reunion?

His brother Noel has certainly been able to push back on the rumours of a potential reunion thanks to the success of his High Flying Birds project. The trick was that while the thought was always in people's head, Noel managed to find a direction that appealed to both fans of Oasis and the new generation who may not have been there the first time round. Similar to how Paul Weller reinvented himself after leaving The Jam. But for Liam, it probably won't be that easy. Not only was he the face of the band, he was its voice too. Both on and off the records. Liam's attics while in the band made him more of a celebrity mouthpiece than a musician sometimes, and it will be that reputation he may have to shake in order to find success in a new venture.

But we also need to remember that this is also Liam trying to prove himself as a great British musician. Throughout his time in Oasis and Beady Eye, there were always naysayers that doubted his musical ability to write great songs. His brother Noel was chief songwriter in Oasis and while Beady Eye was very much Liam's baby, it lacked a lot of the gusto that many would hope he could bring to the table. But by naming this new project after himself, surely he has found the confidence to say that this is the music that he truly wants to make and be associated with. By declaring this a solo project, he has effectively left the burden of people's opinions on himself, which definitely shows that he is ready to bring something to the table that he is truly passionate about.

While we anticipate to hear what Liam and many festival promoters believe is worth the wait, we should all be looking to hear it with fresh ears. No doubt there will be plenty of people that feel it isn't like the old Oasis, but really we don't want it to be. Liam has moved on and so should the fans. I believe Liam Gallagher has the potential to be a great solo songwriter, especially as he already has the performance side down to a tee. It maybe becoming the year of Gallagher but let's just hope we aren't in for another Beady Eye situation.