Taps And Apps: The best new apps for music professionals

While the music industry itself is still coming to terms with the advancements in technology and availability of music over the last decade, many tech designers have been busy creating new and inventive pieces of kit that can help make the lives of music professionals even easier. Whether you are a touring musicians or working behind the scenes, there are a number of new apps on the market that are revolutionising the way we make and promote new music. Here are just a few of what is available at the moment.


Those of us who have spent any time on a Mac computer will be familiar with this program. Essentially a drag-and-drop music creator, Garageband is a right-of-passage for those just starting out in making music and its new iPhone app is just as diverse and creative as the desktop model. Allowing you to either record into it or use the preset loops, the app version allows you to tweak a whole range of areas including tempo, key, time signature and chords. Although it is strictly an Apple program, other manufacturers are already underway with their equivalents.

Samsung Soundcamp

Essentially this is Garageband for Android users. Except crucially that because it is a more open piece of software, it can integrate itself with a number of other loop-creating and synthesiser apps, so even if Soundcamp doesn't create the exact sound you want, you can always tie it in to something you made on another third-party app. Pretty good, huh. It also doubles as a MIDI controller so even better if you are simply looking to try out ideas on the go.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

For learning guitarists, the tab sheets have been a golden ticket to easily learning your favourite songs. But now its even easier, as Ultimate Guitar Tabs not only allows you to browse its catalogue of over 800,000 songs, it also provide interactive tutorials that teach you the best way to play the songs. It also includes the same song tabs for ukeleles so you can finally be that cool guy at parties that can bust out 'Killing In The Name' on a uke.


Something for the PR folk and their clients here, but probably the most revolutionary on our list so far. Inflyte is a music plugging app that allows PR companies to send out tracks to their subscribers, direct to their mobile devices. From there, the receiver can quickly give it a comment and rating, which triggers the app to send the full selection of new music to their Dropbox account. The app is strictly an opt-in service so you have to be invited to use its services, but it certainly is making things a lot faster and more efficient for those who receive promo material.

TuneIn Radio

Not really for professional use but one that has to be given some notice. TuneIn Radio is a unique app that allows you to listen to almost any radio station in the world. The app itself is set with over 100,000 radio frequencies, allowing you to hear what the world is listening to at any time. The app is available on both Android and iOS and is prefect for those wanting to find inspiration from other cultures.

Cheeky Fingers

Similar to the guitar tab app, Cheeky Fingers is the latest in live innovative teaching for piano players. Best to get the tablet version to really see its full potential as this app allows users to not only practise new songs, it also trains you on dexterity and playing motions with simple training exercises. Although I can imagine that playing a piano on an iPad may not have the same appeal as on a grand ivory beast.