Tash Sultana - 'Terra Firma'


When she first gained notoriety with her breakthrough hit 'Jungle' in 2016, Australian singer and songwriter Tash Sultana was quickly picked as one of the more exciting names to be emerging at the time. With a string of fresh and confident offerings in the subsequent years, she established herself with her 2018 debut album 'Flow State', a record that saw her reach enormous fame in her homeland but just a cult figure elsewhere. Since then, she has doubled down on her smooth and breezy aesthetic as she searches for world domination once again on her sophomore effort 'Terra Firma', a record that displays large swathes of maturity throughout.

While her debut LP showed her in an incredibly confident and uplifting light, there is something far more progressive going on beneath the surface of 'Terra Firma'. Rather than search for that radio friendly aesthetic she has focused on in the past, this new collection looks to toe the line between commercial appeal and less-ventured directions, creating a broad and eclectic release in the process. As an artist that has been completely absorbed by the style of soul and jazz, she fully embraces this intention on her newest material, channelling a traditional sound that she is looking to call her own.

Although it doesn't have much in the way of big and instantly catchy offerings, 'Terra Firma' sees itself as more of a long-form listen, something to let wash over you from start to finish. Tash Sultana is still very much ahead of the curve when it comes to breaking the mould, but it still feels like the best is yet to come from her.

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