Tei Shi - 'Crawl Space'


After first emerging all the way back in 2013 with her debut EP 'Saudade', it is fair to say that this studio album from Argentine singer Tei Shi has been a long time coming. And after a few more years to cultivate and hone her sound, the frontwoman has returned with her debut album 'Crawl Space', a record that is as progressive as it is impressive.

While some of her older material, and even the odd track on this record, have shown her as a more minimalist artist with a stripped-back production, much of the release sees her as an electronic artist. With many of the stand-out singles like 'Justify' and 'Keep Running' adopting huge, pulsating basslines, the overall mix of directions on this album creates an extremely diverse release yet all maintained within this arc of sombre romance.

With not a single track from her previous EPs making an appearance on this release, it is clear that Tei Shi is looking to create a new image of herself on 'Crawl Space'. Something she not only achieves, but also manages to display her talents fully on a record that is just full of surprises.

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