Temple Invisible - 'ENTER_'


As one of the most exciting electronic acts we have come across this year, Temple Invisible are certainly looking to introduce themselves to the world with a bang. Having released a few singles over the last few months, this Romanian three-piece have created some of the most forceful and dark electronic music we have heard all year, which makes the anticipation surrounding their debut EP 'ENTER_' all the more exciting.

Sounding like the electronic moments in Radiohead's back catalogue, Temple Invisible have looked to cement themselves as an atmospheric and brooding outfit with high-paced beats that keeps the flow of their music ever moving forward. While they have clearly taken inspiration from trip-hop acts like Massive Attack and Portishead, the production of their beats contradicts what you might expect and in the end, creates this whole new monster that envelops you with a sense of dread and urgency.

It is certainly a brilliant EP with a lot of interesting ideas. And while they may not be doing anything new, what they do they do well, and are definitely an act worth keeping an eye on as we move into the new year.

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