Temples - 'Volcano'


When Temples released their debut album 'Sun Structures' back in 2014, I wasn't incredibly impressed with their initial style. Sounding like a psychedelic throwback to the Britpop era, their debut felt like a cheap rip-off of Oasis in their heyday. But now returning to deliver album number two, it is clear that the band have evolved and improved dramatically within their own direction and returned with something truly unique.

Taking more of an inspiration from their psychedelic appeal, 'Volcano' is a mix of catchy synth-based anthems and meandering soundscapes that see the band far more relaxed in their new sound. While before their need to impress was constantly thrown at you, this release appears to show the group having more fun and creating a more succinct and cohesive record in the process.

While it may not be to everyone's taste, especially those that are expecting more of what they heard on their debut, 'Volcano' has so many stand-out moments, it is hard to get out of your head. Breaking almost every convention in the book, this return certainly shows of their dynamic approach and sees them come back with aplomb.

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