These New Puritans - 'Inside The Rose'


Near the end of the previous decade, These New Puritans were finding themselves on an upward ascent. With three studio albums between 2008-2013, the then four-piece were growing in popularity and acclaim with every release, making them one of the most in-demand artists of that time. Then suddenly, the group dropped away with little to no reason at all. But now returning as a duo, the group look set to continue where they left off with their fourth studio album 'Inside The Rose', the record that looks to bring back the hallmarks of their strong and engaging qualities.

From the start, 'Inside The Rose' feels very much like the band haven't moved on much since their impromptu departure. Filled with all the same dark and atmospheric tendencies, the pair seem to be finishing the job that they mysteriously abandoned six years ago. But when you really get under this record's skin, it certainly feels like there is a lot more at work here. With a pulsing and ethereal approach to production, this new collection takes their formative sound and reinvents it for a contemporary ear, reviving what they already had and pushing it further into the realm of musical exploration.

While their disappearance may have seemed sudden, it certainly feels like it has done them some good. By being able to step back for a while, the band have managed to return to their post-punk ways with fresh eyes and deliver something altogether more vibrant throughout. A strong and confident return that was well worth the wait.

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