Toddla T - 'Foreign Light'


Despite being one of the most diverse and prolific producers working in the UK today, Toddla T is rarely one to release a full-length album. His last record 'Watch Me Dance' was way back in 2011, and it was that release that led him on to become the genre-hopping beatmaker he is today. Yet after six years of releasing the odd single here and there, he returns with 'Foreign Light', an almost collaborative full-length with Andrea Martin and Stefflon Don contributing most of the vocals and showing that he can still bring some interesting sounds to the table.

While 'Watch Me Dance' was a hugely eclectic affair that revolved around Toddla's love of dancehall and reggae music, 'Foreign Light' sees him take on a more post-modern direction. There are still plenty of Caribbean influences splashed throughout, but this time we get to hear more of his own unique ideas towards production. Creating a very spaced-out vibe, the album moves with a sense of lucidity and purpose, helping it feel more engaging and easier to get into for the listener.

It is easy to see why Toddla T took so long to release an album because this release has such a strong connection between each of the tracks, it wouldn't be justified to release them any other way. Exciting and eclectic as ever, 'Foreign Light' is a truly uncompromising affair.

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