Tuxedo - 'Tuxedo'


While disco was very much the rekindled sound of 2013, the collaboration of Tuxedo have taken the opportunity to deliver a more soulful side to the genre with their self-titled debut album. The coming together of established producer Jake One and cult vocalist Mayer Hawthorne for this new project has allowed each of them to bring their own downtempo styles to the normally dancefloor-filling sound and create a record with more of an RnB flow than anything else.

While it starts with this undeniable energy, 'Tuxedo' quickly brings its vibe right down to a smooth and sensual foundation that winds up being the hallmark sound of the pair. Taking those instantly engaging disco hooks and slowing the pace right down, gives the record a far more interesting feel with each of the members allowed to showcase their own abilities and contributions throughout.

A contemporary album with just a hint of nostalgia makes this full-length accessible to almost anyone under the age of 40, and shows that while disco may have already had its time in the limelight, there are still avenues within the sound to explore.

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