Ty Segall - 'Emotional Mugger'


Having been a notable figure in the DIY music culture for many years now, Ty Segall returns with his eighth studio album 'Emotional Mugger', and as usual has it draped in the quirky nostalgia his music creates. Not only has this new record been released on MP3, vinyl, CD and cassette, but promos of the album were sent out on VHS tapes, something that aims to reflect the full-lengths own rustic sound no doubt.

While Segall has made a name for himself as the master of the fuzzy guitar, 'Emotional Mugger' certainly looks to continue that trend and even up the ante on it in places as "fuzzy" is probably the best way to describe this new material. A blend of distorted records, paired up with Ty's own calmly high-pitched vocals make for an interesting listen to say the least. Different in its presentation, this record aims to create a world of upset to the status quo that can leave you disorientated or pleased depending on your frame of mind.

It is definitely a love it or hate it kind of release. Its lack of consistency and direction can be as charming as it is tedious. Certainly one for the hardcore Ty Segall fans but maybe not for the fair-weather listeners.

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