VIDEO PREMIERE: SPLENDORE - 'Ci amavamo, what's happened?'

After returning earlier this month to deliver his long-awaited new EP ‘OMG, am I really feeling these feelings I’m feeling right now?’, Italian DJ and producer SPLENDORE has now dropped the official video for the collection's opener 'Ci amavamo, what's happened?'

Taking his cues from the bold and distinctive sound of the PC Music label, 'Ci amavamo, what's happened?' acts as a fresh and pulsing introduction to his latest work. Directed by Giada Bossi, who has worked with some of the most relevant Italian artists such as MYSS KETA, Mecna, Joan Thiele, as well as a collaborative digital art project with fellow artist Thanyy, who has previously been covered by the likes of I-D, Coeval, Feltzine, Visioni_parallele, ONEG magazine, this warped visual delight gives off an incredibly seductive feel.

Speaking about the new video, director Bossi said, “throughout all my life, summer sucked. this is about summer love and all the stories that end out of the blue, leaving you nothing but disoriented.

"I started developing this project during lockdown in Avril with my ig story archive, but this summer sucked too, so actually I kept working on it all summer long. thanks to @ciaosplendore for trusting me and to @personamilano supporting me with lovely people that gave their faces for this project. Thanks to all the friends and unknowns I stole some shots from. summer sucks. Cheers.”

While SPLENDORE added, “Life is a summer love. It doesn’t last forever but we act like we don’t care. The bittersweet memory and the harsh reality. This song, as this record, is about that adolescent idealization. Coping with depression, loss, anxiety. That’s the reason why this track has this peculiar sound narrative as we’re moving from the ideal past to the complexity of adulthood.”

Watch the video for 'Ci amavamo, what's happened?' in the player below.