ViVii - 'ViVii'


Having spent the last year releasing a flurry of engaging and uplifting singles, Swedish dream-pop trio ViVii now look to cement themselves within their chosen scene by unveiling their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album. Bringing together much of their back catalog for the new record, this new collection sees the outfit meander their way through a rich musical landscape that blends elements of chillwave, shoegaze and electro-pop for an album that certainly feels that time and patience has been the hallmark of its conception.

Never really ones to explode into a frenzy of outlandish production, ViVii's calming and almost minimalist approach to production remains the heart and soul of this LP. While singles such as 'Siv (You & I)' deliver their more ambitious side, working in a medley of captivating ideas, the release regularly takes breaks from its expected pace with additions like 'End Of June' and 'Wanna Fly', a more winding and ethereal approach. Yet while this multifaceted intention does sound jumbled on paper, the end result is something far more cohesive than you would expect, as the group use their eclectic scope to produce a truly diverse yet succinct collection.

With its wonderful production and heartwarming atmosphere throughout, 'ViVii' makes for a truly exciting debut release. Taking elements of the dream-pop sound and amplifying it with an electronic base has given the group a unique and personal edge, one that still has plenty to explore as they move forward.

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