Waxahatchee - 'Out In The Storm'


Over the years and albums that have passed since her debut release 'American Weekend' back in 2012, Waxahatchee's Katie Crutchfield has grown from a despondent singer-songwriter, delivering material through the lens of a tortured soul, to a more mature figure as she begins to get used to this new life in the music industry. But for album number four, it seems that some of that initial flair has returned as she opts for a darker direction on 'Out In The Storm'.

Although it should be said that she is far from beginning another brooding figurehead, but there is certainly a more sombre tone to this release when compared to her last full-length 'Ivy Tripp'. In all, this record seems to have brought out the post-punk side to her disposition, giving us more anthemic riffs and croon-along choruses than her older material would suggest. There also seems to be this strong influence of bands like Sonic Youth and Smashing Pumpkins running through the record, giving it a familiar feel as it plays.

Although fans of her more recent release may not warm to this straight away, her loyal base that have been with her from the start will definitely applaud this new sound. It has an incredible synchronicity to it, helping it not only flow beautifully but also deliver a succinct release that looks to engage rather than surprise.

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