Youth Man - 'Hill Of Knives' EP


Having built themselves a loyal following in their hometown of Birmingham, punk trio Youth Man return with their self-released EP 'Hill Of Knives'. Receiving huge acclaim from the likes of NME, Artrocker and BBC Radio 1 for their previous singles, this new release looks to cement the band as a future staple of modern British punk rock and does so with such effortless finesse.

Despite only five tracks in length, lasting anywhere between one and four minutes each, 'Hill Of Knives' is a short yet explosive journey through the band's varied and diverse sound. Launching straight in with the snapshot juggernaut 'Skin', the rest of the release focuses on the more drawn out vibe within their brooding sound, creating a mixture of wandering soundscapes intertwined with trashing drums and screeching vocals. Leading to an EP that displays the sheer extremes of the band's own direction, leaving you craving more by the end.

While it's multi-angled approach to songwriting does leave it feeling a little disconnected from itself, 'Hill Of Knives' acts more as a showcase of the band's own abilities, looking to say "this is what we do, take it or leave it". It is professional and well-produced, something that a lot of small bands fail to get right, thus giving them a real edge and chance to break through in the near future.

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