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While this unrelenting summer sun seems to have no end, we have been spending every second of it trying to find the p
The sun may be starting to become a little unbearable for us more delicate types, but now it seems to be the perfect
Netflix series Stranger Things may have already penetrated the consciousness of the world, but one of its stars is no
With the release of their eagerly-awaited debut album on the horizon, the Brighton-via-London trio Our Girl look to r
After releasing their highly-acclaimed debut album 'Transform The Dark' back in 2014, German-via-American duo Nite Ha
Following in the footsteps of dark techno juggernauts such as Jon Hopkins and Daniel Avery, the ever-emphatic Jack Mc
It seems that for the last few years, we can't move for singer-songwriter types clogging up the charts.
While it seems like the Scandinavians are slowly dominating the world of pop, there are a great number of more local
Over the last four years, Manchester's Finn has been one of the most productive names working in the underground danc
Folk music may have taken a repuational hit in the past decade, thanks to a number of watered-down individuals peddli
Despite only being 17-years-old, newcomer Hana Vu has already been on the scene for quite some time.
Over the last few years, we have begun to see the retro sound of jazz and soul work its way further and further into
Over the last few years, the town of Reading has produced a great array of incredible indie-rock bands.
Over the years, Vermont's The Giant Peach have been moulding themselves from an array of various influencers.
Singer-songwriters seem to be ten a penny at the moment, with everyone with a decent voice and knowledge of chords ha