Modern Stockholm seems to be the perfect breeding ground for bands and artists in the line of northern melancholy.
Swedish music is unstoppable nowadays… Producing world-class acts after acts, from Lykke Li, Icona Pop and Robyn, it’
When you think of the German music scene it’s easy to solely focus your attention on Berlin and the masses of high qu
The sound of Júníus Meyvant is a rich and afflicted take on freaky folk pop with a familiar and soulful feel.
Daniel Johns is ready. 8 years after his last new music. Finally ready.
Gringo Star are insouciant explorers, tossing the paddles overboard and drifting on the currents of their lackadaisical
Thieves Like Us is based in Berlin, but comprised of musicians from all over the world.
Hayden Calnin is Australia’s answer to Bon Iver.
What do you get when you fuse an eclectic blend of pop, techno and sci-fi influences with a lot of “walking late
The Norwegian multi- Grammy Award Nominee (Best Female, Best Composer) called Marie Munroe is signed to Warner Music
Beauty Sleep are a dream pop band from Belfast, N. Ireland.
Toffe is a 26 -year old Swedish artist originally from Kalmar.
We Rise is the second album from Morrissey & Marshall and will be released on XX May 2017 through XX Rec
Named after the Japanese word for colourful autumn leaves, KOYO is also the name of a new group fusing colourful infl