2016 was certainly peppered with some great musical comebacks.
This whole idea came from a passing idea I had near the beginning of 2016.
To say that 2016 was culturally one of the most devastating years in modern history would be an understatement.
About to enter its 59th year, the Grammys have become an American institution, aimed at awarding those who have produ
Earlier this month, Kanye West took to the stage and just like any other gig of his, it featured a long and winding r
Earlier this year, the clubbing community was left devastated when it was announced that London's Fabric nightclub wa
It happens every year. Some jumped up music journalist thinks he or she knows what the future of music will hold.
Unexpected death in the music industry is nothing out of the ordinary.
Over the last few months, a harsh spotlight has been set on London's nightlife after the unfair closure of Fabric by
Behind every major artist, you can bet of there being an influential PR team.
Since its curation in 1992, the Mercury Music Prize has stood as the pinnacle award for all British music.
As far as hype for a record goes, Frank Ocean managed to reach almost Daft Punk levels of buzz around his latest rele
As one of the less familiar names on this year's Mercury Prize shortlist, GoGo Penguin have suddenly become one of th
Nuoli is a female singer/ songwriter/ musician and producer whose message to the world is to stand up against inequal
Tara is an Australian singer songwriter, who has chosen Dublin as a new home because of her father’s deep Irish roots