Taylor Carson - 'Josephine'
We were lucky enough to be invited for the inauguration of VIVA Sounds Festival and Conference in December, so I’ve d
George Bucks - 'Tick'
Katy Tiz - 'Life' ft. Ed Drewett
Catch A Dinosaur - 'The Ride'
AKES - 'Friend A'
10. Kali Uchis – ‘Isolation’
Ten Fé - 'Echo Park'
20. Albin Lee Meldau – ‘About You’
Catch A Dinosaur - 'Wading'
30. Cosmo Sheldrake – ‘The Much Much How How And I’
Meadowlark - 'Family Tree'
40. Gizmo Varillas – ‘Dreaming Of Better Days’
Tali - 'Comfortable In Another Bed'
50. The Vaccines – ‘Combat Sports’