Shalisa Taylor - 'Perfectly Incomplete'
Joe Slater - 'Nothing Ever Seems To Change'
Precept - 'Awake'
Saw Tooth Wave - 'Take Care Of Me'
Exertia - 'Dream World' ft. Sml The Great
Ghostly Kisses - 'Touch'
Youthxx - 'New Frontier'
Somebody's Child - 'Toes'
Romain And The Cowboy Surfers - 'Yellow Shadow'
The New Shoes - 'Little Racket'
Natalie Shay - 'Yesterday'
Go!Zilla - 'Hailing It's Hailing'
ViVii - 'And Tragic'
Superheart - 'Talk About It'
Taylor Carson - 'Josephine'