Los Espinas - 'Feels Like a Punch In The Face From a Stranger....'
Tropic Harbour - 'New Life'
Luxury - 'Primrose Path'
Cape Cub - 'Searchlight'
The Francos - 'Take The Train Home'
S//P - 'Head On Backwards'
UTO - 'The Beast' French duo bring some smooth rhythm to this electro-inspired RnB cut
Joseph & Maia - 'Mother'
Kisnue - 'Different'
Apartment X - 'Young'
Tim Johnson - 'Not Today'
Ed Ling - 'Ingloria (Outlines Of You)'
Dyslexic Postcards - 'Don't Commie Babe'
Marie Dahlstrøm - 'Where The Flowers Grow'