Frank Mighty's Hotline - 'What Am I To Do (WAITD)'
Equanimous x Claraty - 'All Day'
Richard Frenneaux - 'Arcades'
DefByMisadventure - 'Premonition'
I Am Karate - 'Hey Love'
Glass Animals - 'Tokyo Drifting' ft. Denzel Curry
MASI MASI - 'Other People'
Beatific - 'Smile Dangerous'
The Lavender Scare - 'Filth And Fame'
Hiver. - 'Demons'
The Balcony - 'Where Did You Go?'
Gypsy Circus - 'A Place To Stay'
Ernest - 'Exhausted'
Melanie Baker - 'Broken'
Shyclops - 'Runaway'