Cautious Clay - 'Juliet & Ceasar'
Bobby Quick And The Speeds Of Sound - 'Take Me Back'
Jaguar Purrs - 'In Your Eyes'
Anastasia Max - 'Dirty'
Aidan & The Wild - 'Going Home'
Gomo Park - 'Babylon Baby'
Kuma Overdose - 'Chloe's Memoir'
Secret Rendezvous - 'Don't Look At Me That Way (Acoustic)'
The Creature Comfort - 'What We Want (Power Corruption & Lies)'
Aaron Taos - 'Twisted'
Queen Alaska - 'When You Smile When You Die'
Laurent John - 'Fragments'
Moni Kira - 'Forgotten Fred'
Becca Krueger - 'We All In It'