Australia’s HOLY HOLY are currently owning the Aussie radio waves. Their latest single, ‘Darwinism’, has been in the top 10 on Triple J for five weeks. Not only this, but for two weeks the band also held tightly onto their #1 spot on the incredibly popular Australian station, whilst getting ready for their upcoming European Tour. Their shows include the Reeperbahn’s DIY Sessions as well as the performance at London’s Elektrowerkz on the 27th September, which is very close to selling out.

HOLY HOLY are known for their music urging the listener to always dig deeper. Carroll’s lyrics have a way of cutting through and ‘Darwinism’ does exactly that by bringing to life a couple’s relationship, juxtaposed against the song’s driving riffs and melodic lines.

“So the track starts really stark and sparse, with that melody from the bathroom,” says Timothy Carroll, HOLY HOLY’s lead vocalist when describing their upcoming new single ‘Darwinism’. “And by the end it is a big orchestral mess: hopefully in a good way. It was a lot of fun to make. The mixing was the real challenge - how to get it to all to work together. We had to work on it for a while but in the end we found it. It feels like a fresh approach for us - a new studio and a new city to record in. It'll be interesting to see what people make of it.”

Darwinism’ is an audio promise of big things to come by vividly expressing the band’s authentic and textural approach to their sound. In the style of The National or old Radiohead, HOLY HOLY use the pitch shifting effects’ pedals and other such tools throughout the track. In their instrumentation they provide fresh indie tones and straddle the balance between authentic and synthetic. Oscar Dawson, the guitarist, says “I want fans to feel like they’re in the band, like they’re in the same room. Lifted up and brought along. I don’t want people to feel like they’re outsiders looking in.”

“The song's lyrics are about how a relationship evolves over time and one of the lines was inspired by the idea of ‘Seven Types of Ordinary Happiness’ from [cartoonist Michael] Leunig” as Carroll explains.

The single ‘Darwinism’ is a strong introduction to HOLY HOLY and it is out now.