Toffe is a 26 -year old Swedish artist originally from Kalmar. His inspiration stems from artists such as Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa and Genesis resulting in an eclectic mix of electronica and organic topped with soaring pop melodies.

Toffe is a gifted multi instrumentalist who writes and produces all his own material. Since mid 2015, when he graduated from one of Sweden’s leading music academies, Toffe has been working on his debut album and ‘Painting Pictures’, his first upload to Soundcloud, has received an incredible response, not only from the public but also from the music blogging community including articles from PressPlayOK and IndieUnderground.

His talents have already been recognized by film director David Sandberg, who asked him to contribute to the soundtrack of the highly successful independent movie ‘Kung Fury’ which received multiple nominations at 2015 film festivals including Cannes.