With Scandinavian artists once again proving that pop dominance is theirs once again in 2017, another artist from the coldest parts of Europe has made his way to our shores with the look of becoming yet another smash-hit contributor.

Having already lent his production skills to fellow Scandies Off Bloom and MØ so far this year, the Danish beatmaker Vera already begun wowing us with his swooning works in the shape of singles 'In And Out Of Love' and 'Falling', and has now delivered his first studio EP.

Featuring all his released work to date, the new release 'Good Job No Conversation' brings together the true sound of this excellent producer. From sweeping soundscapes to future-pop cuts, this release is a brilliant breath of fresh air that we are sure is only the beginning for this young talent.

Check out the video for 'In And Out Of Love', taken from 'Good Job No Conversation', in the player below.