ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 186 AK Patterson

Singer-songwriters seem to be ten a penny at the moment, with everyone with a decent voice and knowledge of chords having a go at stringing a song together. But once in a while we hear a sound that stands out so much, we have to sit still and take notice.

With an obsession with Portugese Fado singers and spending a number of years in Japan, frontwoman Alex Patterson is one of those talents that you just can't compare to anyone else. Her voice stands out with this warbly falsetto that moves and flows with every strum of the guitar, delivering a truly spellbinding experience.

Introducing themselves with the sublime 'Shadows', taken from their upcoming debut EP, Patterson leads her band on this euphoric and atmospheric journey through an ethereal plain. Produced by Alt_j's Charlie Andrew, the band are prepping their first release through Charlie's own Square Leg Records later this summer.

Have a listen to 'Shadows' in the player below.