ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 33 Royce Wood Junior

Following in the footsteps of other successful ethereal electronic artists like Bondax and Jamie XX, London-based Royce Wood Junior is now looking to take his soulful electronica all the way to the mainstream later this year.

Having spent the best part of 2014 producing some incredible EPs, 'Rover' and 'Tonight Matthew', the young beatmaker is now ready to take the plunge and release his first studio album in the coming months.

Much likes others in the genre, the Royce Wood Junior sound combines minimal production within a rich tapestry of focus and direction that makes his music not only captivating, but also hypnotic in its chosen form.

His latest single 'Midnight' has been picked up by a number of tastemakers throughout the UK and is looking to make him one of this year's most in-demand new talents.

The debut album 'The Ashen Tang' is due out on the 11th May and you can listen to 'Midnight' in the player below.