Bastille - 'Doom Days'


Since emerging back in 2013 with their brilliant debut album 'Bad Blood', Bastille have become one of the nation's most beloved indie-pop acts at a time when their kind seems scarcer than ever. With a catalogue of high-energy, singalong anthems, the band have clearly focused hard on their uplifting formula to pull out one anthemic release after another. But as they return for their third LP 'Doom Days', the group seem to have had a wave of outsider thinking as they make the bold attempt to tackle the ever-difficult concept record this time around.

Telling the story of the a night on the town while the world burns from the impending apocalypse, 'Doom Days'' fantastical tale may not be too different from the state of the world as it currently stands. Everywhere we look it seems like the planet is soon to end from one thing or another, while all of us try and have a good time, putting into the back of our minds. I guess this was the premise for this release, and even though the story does add some unwelcome weight to the general tone of this new collection, it still manages to tap into that classic Bastille sound that fans of the group will be glad to hear once again.

It may not be their strongest album to date, but 'Doom Days' still has plenty of charm and charisma to see it over the finish line in one piece. It lacks any kind of memorable addition, but as a whole body of work, there is definitely something to appreciate as it plays, adding a nice and inoffensive chapter to their catalogue.

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