Desperate Journalist - 'In Search Of The Miraculous'


Since emerging back in 2014 with their self-titled debut album, London's Desperate Journalist have always looked to push themselves forward with every passing release. While their debut brought together all their influences at that stage in their career, their 2017 follow-up 'Grow Up' saw them adopt a more personal tone, one that gave a level of maturity to the group's direction. And now with their third full-length 'In Search Of The Miraculous' landing in our laps, it is clear that their ambitions are reaching yet newer heights throughout this new collection.

Inspired in part by the artist Bas Jan Ader, who was tragically lost at sea after attempting to sail around the globe in a small vessel, 'In Search Of the Miraculous' is the band's most ambitious record to date. Taking their cues from Ader's ill-advised yet brave attempt, the outfit have looked to take on a similar feat with their own music, swapping out the sound of their comfort zone to create a series of singles that deliver a greatly diverse and eclectic release. While many others falter when it comes to reinventing yourself in this way, Desperate Journalist have used the opportunity to transform themselves sonically, and winded up sounding fresher than ever.

While their decision to evolved themselves may have come from a place of fear in becoming another mediocre post-punk group, the bravery of their decision has certainly paid off as 'In Search Of The Miraculous' sits as their most interesting record to date. With plenty of nods to the simple yet harmonious 80s indie-rock sound, this new release is a reinvention that we can all get behind.

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