Fat White Family - 'Serfs Up!'


Since their conception with the 2013 debut album 'Champagne Holocaust', South London's Fat White Family have always thought of themselves as an anti-pop band. Tackling uncomfortable subject matter over a dark and brooding bed of indie-rock pretence, the group's first two records gave us the impression that they had fixed themselves in this hard and murky world of mood-driven dissonance. But as they return with album number three, 'Serfs Up!' sees them in a whole new light, taking influences from a wide range of sources, the band seem rejuvenated and vibrant in a way we haven't heard before.

Cementing itself in a psychedelic position, and filling out with nods to the disco, glam and Baroque sounds, this new return plays as their most diverse and uplifting collection to date. Moving firmly away from their initial sound, 'Serfs Up!' aims to embrace the band's lesser-seen experimental angle, creating long and drawn-out soundscapes that look to captivate and excite in equal measure. While their are still the odd moments that play to their former direction, most notably 'I Believe in Something Better', much of this release is a smooth and laid-back affair that looks to breathe new life into Fat White Family and give them a whole new perspective in the process.

The sheer swagger and inventiveness of 'Serfs Up!' is so extremely hard to ignore on this new collection. With each track that goes by, another equally spellbinding cut seems to rise up in its place, keeping the listener constantly on their toes and delivering a wonderfully mesmerising release throughout. It may be a surprise to their loyal fanbase but is something even the most fair-weather of followers can embrace.

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