Jorja Smith - 'Lost & Found'


Despite appearing on our radar back in 2016 with her 'Project 11' EP, Londoner Jorja Smith has quickly become one of the most talked about artists of the last few years. Even with only a handful of tracks to her name, the frontwoman has already collaborated with the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar, and was recently awarded the Critic's Choice Award at this year's Brits. But while her catalogue of material continued to grow, her debut album 'Lost & Found' sees her move away from her humble beginnings and look to make the next move on her first full-length.

Many artists in her situation will usually fill their debut album with cuts taken from previous releases, but the emphatic singles 'Blue Lights' and 'Teenage Fantasy' seem to be the only examples of the old Jorja on here, making way for her latest captivating sound. And from the start, this new record very much hits the mark as to what a studio album should be. Rather than look to spread herself out, she has focused her sound into one specific direction and mastered it down to a tee. Filled with soul and a modest production, the record never feels the need to shout about itself, but instead stays humble and invites you closer with a mesmerising pull.

We knew that this album was going to be something special, but finally hearing it, we can see that Jorja Smith is more than just the buzz but a fully-formed artist who understands how to intrigue her listener. Much like Solange did on her 'Seat At The Table' album, she has delivered something new to the RnB genre, filled with confidence and a proficient energy.

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