Karen O & Danger Mouse - 'Lux Prima'


Having spent the better part of two decades as the frontwoman for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O has been finding herself with a more free range in the last few years. After releasing her critically-praised debut solo album 'Crush Songs' back in 2014, and subsequently leaving her label shortly after, she found herself a new mother and almost limitless in her possibilities of a musical future. So it seems that times like these would be perfect to work on an unexpected collaboration, and so she has teamed up with super-producer Danger Mouse to deliver their first studio album 'Lux Prima', a smooth yet expansive collection that sees both artists fall far from their comfort zone.

With its rich and atmospheric soundscapes, 'Lux Prima' never feels like a sound that these two would have come to organically. With Karen's backdrop in ferocious indie-rock and Danger Mouse's ability to bring hard and tenacious vibes to almost anything he touches, going for a progressive and laid-back style would never be anyone's first guess when listening to this new release. Yet despite expectations, this new collection is a wonderfully warm and inviting collection of drawn-out compositions that look to showcase both talents in an equal light as they tackle a formative sound that neither two have rarely been challenged with before.

Karen O's seductive voice is the most gentle we have ever heard it, as the producer makes incredible leaps to wrap her vocals up in this almost trip-hop-inspired intension, giving us a truly memorable experience from start to finish. 'Lux Prima' may have been formed from a chance encounter, but with a sonic beauty like this, we hope that these two continue to work together again very soon.

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