Poliça - 'United Crushers'


Following up a huge, critically acclaimed album is no easy feat, but imagine trying to follow up two. Since the release of their debut album 'Give You The Ghost' in 2012 and their quickly released sophomore album 'Shulamith' the year after, Poliça have been heavily associated with a forward thinking approach to music. Their politically charged electro-pop has been the cornerstone for artists like Lorde and Chvrches to evolve from, but what have they managed to create this time around?

What is most noticeably different about this new release is the incredibly depressing intro. The first track 'Summer Please' sets a morbid tone, anchored very well by Channy Leaneagh's distorted vocals. But it isn't long before we get into the core of this album and the true Poliça sound rears its head once again. The majority of 'United Crushers' is a brilliantly woven tapestry of multi-layered production and instantly identifiable songwriting that creates a wonderfully bliss world of high-calibre musicianship that is rarely seen from artists outside of the mainstream.

In all, it seems that Poliça have done it again. While it would be cruel to compare this new work with their back catalogue, it certainly stands side by side in both quality and depth. A fantastic return from a group that doesn't show the slightest sign of slowing yet.

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