Radioactive Man - 'White Light Monochrome' EP


As one of the most forward-thinking and experimental producers at the moment, Radioactive Man aka Keith Tenniswood has always looked to broaden his sound with every release he makes. And by producing his latest EP through the newly formed Reinhardt label, the slate has been wiped clean for Tenniswood to really go to town and create a body of work that adds a new dimension to his persona.

Dabbling in the erratic yet minimal percussion and haunting keys made popular by the likes of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Radioactive Man has managed to produce a mind-bending and toe-tappingly enjoyable collection of tracks. Despite only being five tracks in length, the 33-minute running-time gives you an idea of how many different styles and sounds the producer has worked into every track, as they all build to these marvellous crescendos we haven't heard since the heyday of The Chemical Brothers.

While not being a conventional dance record, 'White Light Monochrome' has managed to prove once again that electronic music can be a true art form. Taking various inspirations and combining them together to create a journey of sonic discovery is what all music should be about, and Radioactive Man seems to be cutting his own path within his chosen scene.

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