Solange - 'When I Get Home'


Having been an accomplished and progressive artist in the world of modern soul for many years, it was her previous full-length 'A Seat At The Table' that brought her from a fringe interest to one of the biggest musical stars on the planet. Although many would know her best as Beyonce's sister, Solange has never looked to ride the coattails of her more famous sibling, instead looks for her own path in the industry and has done so with stellar aplomb. Now returning three years after her most successful release to date, the frontwoman looks to add a more diverse and psychedelic approach to her style, inviting numerous guest artists to indulge themselves in the process.

While 'A Seat At The Table' played itself as a more minimal yet impactful collection, 'When I Get Home' seems to adopt an almost George Clinton-esque intention as it plays. Taking strong influences from the funk legend and his outfits Parliament and Funkadelic, this new record comes off far more experimental than anything we have heard from her before. Names like Tyler, The Creator, Panda Bear and Sampha all make their names into the production credits, and it seems that these more irreverent artists have had a large impact on the flow and pace of this album, delivering something further removed from the commercial mainstream and cracking that leftfield, outsider zeitgeist Solange had been in her earlier days.

This definitely feels like the most ambitious release from the frontwoman so far, and is no surprise to us at all. Since the release of 'A Seat At The Table', she has obviously given herself carte blanche to explore new and interesting ideas on this follow-up, regardless of the final result. It may not have that same instant satisfaction that her last full-length brought with it, but still manages intrigue and engage throughout.

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